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My name is Andreea Marian

When did it all begin?

We would have to go way back when I was in kindergarden, that would be the moment it all started. I can still remember my passion for fashion and how it was the only thing that I was drawing day in, day out and that lasted for years till I find drawing anime and cartoons was bringing me more close to wanted to become a Manga Artist. Most of my notebooks in HighSchool were filled with anime. 

Once  I received a graphic tablet as a present from my friends I started to get into Photoshop. 

Years after I've started to find my passion into photography in which I could integrate any creative work  that would come to mind. From here I started to find different types of photography from product,food,portrait,weddings to fashion,etc. 

Becoming more and more accustomed to photoshop I've started to design some logos for our brand.  Some of the offers we did needed to be design since they were digital gift vouchers. I've started to get addicted to creating layouts. I think that's my favourite part in which I could add different types of Typography.  

I started to find a new passion in graphic design which I would love to develop and integrate it into my photography.

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Project Angel

I've decided to make it a bit more special for the upcoming session and wanted to offer the option for digital background. The photos are made of two different ones which are brought together in photoshop.


I am excited to share with you the design of my website. It is designed to be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and user-friendly.



The color scheme of my website is warm and inviting, with shades of green and warm grey that evoke feelings of trust and reliability. The font is clean and easy to read, which helps to make the content on the site more accessible.

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I am designing my templates in photoshop for the mini sessions or any other promotional material. Here you can see a few examples of my work since I've started photography.



The logo for  Diversity Photography had many interpretation but in the end I vent with a elegant typography and minimalist design.

Upper cutts it's a logo for a barber shop which I've design according to what the customer wanted. Being a boxer he wanted a way to show this.

Vision Stated is made for my car photography side which Is made to represent stanced and modified cars, also since I'm always inclined to stronger colours It always made me incline towards Graffiti.

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Drawing was always a way of expressing myself, to unleash my creativity.

When I draw I have the freedom to create anything I can imagine, using a variety of different mediums,such as pencil,oil pastels, paint, digital, etc. 

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